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A Day in the Balbhavan

On a typical working day, the Balmitra engages in the following activities at the Balbhavan:

  • Circle Time : This is a dedicated time for activities for all students in the Balbhavan. It involves shared reading, read aloud, songs, counting exercise, presentation by students, discussion on various topics etc.

  • Teaching Time : Lessons focusing on Arithmetic and Literacy concepts and skills are transacted in this time. These lessons are planned keeping in mind the average attention span of a child (around 12-15 min).


  • Group work Time : Various group activities are planned for students to practice and revise the concepts and skills learnt in Teaching Time.

In a typical 2-hour session, the Balmitra tries to include 3 or 4 teaching activities (2 for language and 2 for math), each followed by group work to strengthen the learning.

In addition, the Balmitra arranges educational visits for students once a month. Apart from that, Balmitra visits the parents of the children from Balbhavan and also conducts parents’ meetings at regular intervals.