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'Early Literacy Symposium' at Aurangabad, November 2018

QUEST organized a 4-day 'Early Literacy Symposium' for teachers and teacher educators from Maharashtra. Stalwarts from the field shared their work and strategies. It was a rich exchange of ideas, theoretical & practical knowledge! It was supported by READ Alliance & Center for Knowledge Societies.

Early literacy is still an emerging field in India especially in the context of ground-breaking research in Indian languages for children learning in difficult circumstances. Despite every teacher dealing with it inside the classrooms, there are no noteworthy efforts to amalgamate best practices in this domain in varied sociolinguistic contexts. Teachers either follow a prototype suggested by the state or try to emulate a model spread by word of mouth without adequate training. 

Hence, QUEST organised this symposium of experts and selected teachers with noteworthy achievements on ‘Early Literacy’. The symposium was a one-of-its-kind opportunity to both teachers and experts to exchange views. The participants were teachers and teacher educators from Maharashtra who have been known to try different approaches in their regular work. 

The symposium was formally inaugurated by Chief Guest Ms Pavneet Kaur, CEO of Aurangabad Zilla Parishad. In her speech, she commended QUEST’s work and shared information about some projects by other NGOs working on education in her jurisdiction. She said that when such initiatives scale up, they do not work very effectively. She urged everyone present to think about this aspect when they are designing new educational ventures.

The schedule of the symposium was as follows:

The proceedings of the 4-day symposium were filled with a rich exchange of ideas on Early Literacy. Theory inputs were immediately followed by information on how to use them in practice. Participants were exposed to some new techniques like running records. Detailed information about how various organizations in different parts of India have worked on Early Literacy was also quite useful for the participants.

Here are some snapshots of the symposium: