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Few educationists and animators active in the field of education established an informal learning-sharing group called “The Thane Study Group” in Thane district (adjacent to the city of Mumbai) in Maharashtra state of India. This group was formed with the purpose to bridge the gap between practical and theoretical work undertaken in the field of education. Over the years, a need was felt to broaden the scope of this learning-sharing group into an action group as well. This led to the formation of Quality Education Support Trust (QUEST) in 2007 as a research-action organisation concentrating on enhancing quality of education.

Vision : An egalitarian society where every individual leads a dignified life.

Mission: To enrich the learning experience of under-served children through professional development of teachers and educators.

Strategic Priority

Demonstrate the replicability of quality education interventions at scale to inform and strengthen the Public (Govt.) Education System

Develop innovative solutions to bridge gaps in institutions of early childhood and elementary education

Build a team of inspired professionals committed to enhancing the quality of education