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The Six-Stage Training Programme

QUEST has developed a six-stage training programme for systematically strengthening the ECE related skills of the Anganwadi Sevikas so that the children under their care reap benefits in the long run. 
The Anganwadi Sevikas undergo this six-stage training programme over 18 months. Each stage begins with a 2-day workshop in which they are provided relevant training in early literacy and early mathematics, following which they are given onsite support in the transaction of ECE activities by QUEST’s trained persons.
Following topics are covered in the training programme:
Stage 1:
  • Facilities for cleanliness & personal hygiene
  • Free play, Shared reading, games, etc.

Stage 2:

  • Attendance chart and weather chart
  • Picture talk, word chain, one to one correspondence, numbers up to 5
  • Art experience
  • Stories and Songs
  • Theoretical Perspective on Child Development  (Part 1)

Stage 3:

  • Doll house, book corner
  • Differentiated  work based on  age groups
  • Pre-school mathematics
  • Children’s drawings and emergent writing, writing for children
  • Theoretical Perspective on Child Development Part-2

Stage 4:

  • Classification, comparison
  • EVS Activities
  • Home visits
  • Introduction to life skills: Cooking
  • Picture reading, picture talk, word splitting/blending

Stage 5:

  • Addition, subtraction, measurement (distance and height)
  • Environment studies
  • Language games

Stage 6:

  • Recapitulation of all prior stages
  • Graphs, measurement and estimation
  • Games and stories