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Migrant Kit

Every year, after Diwali, some families in Wada block migrate for six months to earn their daily bread and butter. In this period, students from these families neither get an opportunity to attend the Balbhavan nor do they get enrolled in schools at the place where they migrate. This results in a serious deterioration in their competency levels of subject knowledge.

To address this problem, Balmitra identifies such parents whose children come to Balbhavan and who are going to migrate. A Migrant Kit is given to such Parents with an orientation of ‘How to use the Kit'.

What does a Migrant Kit contain?

·        A Notebook

·        2 Children’s Books according to the reading level of student

·        One Slate + Pencils

·        One Drawing Book

·        Crayons

·        Two Pencils + Two Erasers + One Sharpener

The QUEST team hopes that the migrant kit will provide the student an opportunity to engage with some learning or expressive activity while being away from school.