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Quality Education Programme for KGBVs

Supported by: 
Status Date: 
Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Location: Jalna district (7 Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalayas)

Duration:  August 2014 – July 2016

Total Project Cost:  Rs. 1,34,34,090/- (for 2 years)


1 Senior Project Officer

4 Junior Project Officers


800 students of KGBVs

15 teachers through Online Course


  • To pilot select new interventions (teaching English, computer skills etc.) in the KGBVs of Jalna for effective implementation of the KGBV scheme
  • Prepare to support the state for the scaling up of the quality education intervention in all KGBVs and other upper primary schools of Maharashtra.

Components of the Project:

1.  Development and piloting of an online MIS (Management Information System) for KGBVs for maintaining data of all students

Studying the requirements, designing systems and coding, preparing user manuals

2. Documentation and Development of Material

  • Developing training modules, materials and educational films
  • Material for level based learning
  • Developing modules for grade appropriate classroom transaction

3.  Conducting pre-test and post-test of Level Based Learning Program for the newly admitted girls in KGBVs

4.  Next level of input for the girls in KGBVs

  • Continuing level based program for existing students in KGBVs
  • Continuing art & craft inputs
  • Project based computer education
  • Piloting Let’s Learn English (LLE) Program
  • Active Library Program

5.   Online Courses in pedagogy of Mathematics & Language

The course on Mathematics will cover all the important concepts till grade 5, as follows:

  • Number concept and Place value
  • Addition Subtraction : conceptual and Procedural understanding
  • Multiplication Division : conceptual and Procedural understanding
  • Fractions : unit fraction, Composite fraction, types of fractions, comparison of fractions, equivalence of fractions, basic operations on fractions, decimal fractions
  • Measurement : linear measurement, measurement of area and perimeter  

The course on Language will cover the following topics:

  • What is Language and importance of language in learning, 
  • Early Literacy – a leap in children’s understanding
  • The process of reading and writing and Emergent Literacy
  • Characteristics of Devnagari script, introducing a script: techniques and principles
  • Literacy genres and children’s expression
  • Evaluating children’s reading and writing
  • Implementing graded program for early literacy in Marathi
  • Diagnostic tests and effective planning for “Level Based Learning Program”

6.   Supporting Implementation of Meena Raju Manch Program