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Quality Intervention in Ashram Schools in Dhule District

Supported by: 
Deshbandhu and Manju Gupta Foundation
Status Date: 
Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Location: 10 Ashram Schools in Dhule District

QUEST with the support of DBMGF has piloted Saksham, a Remedial Program for Mathematics & Language in 5 Ashram schools in Dhule District from December 2013 to April 2014.

Based on the insight from the pilot and the results, DBMGF suggested QUEST to work with the Primary Section of the 2 schools showing better results and interest in the program (i.e. Masadi & Nandre) and hence QUEST is offering ‘Saksham’ a Remedial Program for the children from grade 4 to 7 and ‘Lipi’ and ‘Ank’ programs for the regular inputs of Language and Mathematics respectively for the students from grades 1 to 3 from these 2 schools.

QUEST's Archana Kulkarni (Senior Manager, Academics) gave an interview about this project on Radio Panzra, Dhule, which was aired on August 28, 2018. Click here to listen to the interview:


  1. Reaching out to 331 children from grade 1 to 3 through programs Lipi and Ank.

  2. Reaching out to 4196 students from grade 4 to 7 through Saksham


  • To work closely with the teachers to enhance their skills in Language & Mathematic Instruction to enhance achievement levels of the students in Language & Mathematics.

  • To help the teachers to enhance achievement levels of Grade 1 to 7 students in Language & Mathematics

  • Establish Libraries and active library programs in the schools.

To achieve these objectives QUEST is taking efforts to strengthen the capacities of the teachers through workshops and by providing continuous on-site support by the team of experts.

Components of the Project

  • Achievement Level TestingThe students of grades 2 to 7 will be administered a diagnostic test that would establish the baseline of achievement levels of the students in Math and Language. Based on the scores the students from grade 4 to7 are grouped into 4 different groups according to their level (irrespective of grade) and appropriate input is provided to each group by the teachers.

  • Induction workshop and exposure visit for HMs and teachers The Exposure visit to Sonale, a project site of QUEST where a model of multilevel teaching has been demonstrated is coupled with the initial input to the teachers on Literacy and Mathematics through a four-day induction workshop.

  • Workshops for Teachers : During the project period, 3 more workshops of 3 days each will be conducted for the teachers for Language & basic Mathematics.

  • Regular On-site Support for Teachers : The teachers will work for 90 minutes per day according to the methodology developed by QUEST. Regular On-site support will be provided to the teachers by the experts by visiting each school for 8 to 10 days every month

  • School/classroom based library : A small library of graded readers will be set up in these Schools. As a part of literacy programme the persons providing onsite support will help the teachers to set up the libraries and also give inputs on running of the libraries.

  • Mid-term and End-term Assessment : A pre –post test model will be used for the assessment of impact. A database will be created and the progress of the program will be mapped regularly.