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'Shikshak'- Online Course For teachers

In 2009 while QUEST was working with a D.Ed college in Nandurbar district, almost 400 KM away from QUEST’s headquarter, the need for an online course was first felt. QUEST designed and implemented a small pilot course of one month duration on Pedagogy of Elementary Mathematics with the faculty and the students of the college. After the successful piloting, a full length course of 6 months duration was designed. This was tried out with support from UNICEF in Jalna. This was the first time an online course was offered in Marathi!
What started as a modest effort has now become QUEST's new initiative from June 2016, to reach out to teachers state-wide. The 'blended mode' courses (face-to-face contact sessions + online mentoring) are now offered under QUEST's 'Shikshak' program. 'Shikshak' has started with courses on Math Pedagogy, in Marathi and English, which are developed by experienced educators. For more details, visit 
Some salient features of the courses
  • Weekly Assignments, Forum Discussions
  • Use of high quality classroom videos
  • Moodle based learning
  • Emphasis on practicum, peer learning & evolving well thought of lesson plans