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Sonale Project: Ankur

Supported by: 
Sir Ratan Tata Trust
Status Date: 
Wednesday, October 3, 2018


Status: Ongoing

Status Date: Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Location: Parali, Wada block, Palghar

Duration: January 2014 to December 2016

Total Project Cost: Rs. 1,01,28,942/-

The Team:

1 Project Officer

5 Project Associates

Early Childhood Education is a crucial yet neglected aspect in the current educational system in India, especially in rural areas. In rural areas, this responsibility has been entrusted to Anganwadis run under the Integrated Child Development Services. Ankur is QUEST's program striving to strengthen the Anganwadis in Wada taluka and improving the quality of Early Childhood Education being provided in the Anganwadis.

Currently, the project runs in 70 Anganwadis in Parali PHC, Wada Taluka. The Anganwadi teachers are given special training devised by the QUEST team. This 6-stage training programme covers all the aspects of Early Childhood Education.

After the Anganwadi teachers attend the training, the QUEST team members provide on-site support to ensure that the concepts they have learned are put into practice effectively.

The authorities from ICDS have extended complete cooperation to QUEST for undertaking this project.

The project will eventually reach out to all the 113 Anganwadis of Parali PHC.

Outreach: 1700 children

This pilot project on Early Childhood Education was completed in December 2017. A new program named 'Palavee' was started based on the learnings from the Ankur project.