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Teacher Interviews

Literacy is not something that can be viewed in isolation from the immediate and larger contexts of the child. Literacy needs to be taught, and this teaching-learning experience is mediated by the beliefs, practices and knowledge of the teachers. In order to understand what happens in the classroom at an interactional level between child and teacher, some focused classroom observations were conducted in LiRIL. In addition, interview schedules to explore teachers’ beliefs and knowledge regarding literacy were also part of this investigation. The interview schedules gauged teachers’ beliefs and feelings regarding several teaching practices, such as read aloud, copy writing, dictation, etc. Their understanding of children’s learning processes and difficulties was also gauged.
The objective behind this investigation was to contextualize children’s learning and to identify some of the socio-cultural factors that play a role in their literacy learning. The report compiled at the end of the project contains several observations about teachers' common beliefs, how they interfere with learning and what could be the way forward to change this scenario.