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Videos for Teachers and Teacher-educators

It was often observed during the workshops for teachers that the best way to explain certain points is to observe a classroom live. However it is not pragmatic to expect that every workshop would have a facility to do so. Hence it was decided that QUEST under Shikshak Mitra would develop a bank of professionally shot videos that would serve as an excellent learning material for the teachers.
  • How do the videos help teachers & teacher Educators ?
  • It brings actual classroom situation into the workshop and teachers can observe the pertinent interactions.
  • There are several parallel instances going on in the classroom which a novice teacher may not notice during the live classroom observations. In the films, these instances are shown one after another and hence teachers can focus on each of them.
  • Teachers can revisit the videos whenever needed and do not need to depend on the workshop notes alone.
  • Teacher Educator can pause video at critical points and ask the participants to anticipate the teacher’s or the child’s response in the film, discuss alternative strategies for a particular situation etc. Thus the videos trigger a rich interaction amongst the participants.
  • Participants can be asked to reverse engineer the lesson plans for the video lessons.
  • The participatory anchor in the film connects the theoretical point to the actual classroom situation. Thus these films also help in deepening the theoretical understanding of the participants.
  • The films, to some extent arrest the transmission loss, occurring in the cascading model, usually adapted for scaling up the programs.