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What is Lipi ?

Lipi is a comprehensive programme designed with the aim of helping Marathi medium Schools to strengthen their literacy instruction. Considering the alpha-syllabic nature of Devnagari script (the script used for writing the language Marathi) & the socioeconomic realities in which most of the Marathi medium schools operate, the programme tries to converge a few successful approaches to Early Literacy Instruction in Indian Languages.
Interventions under Lipi
  1. Emergent reading writing programme for pre-schools
  2. 16 unit graded programme for children in grade 1 to 3
  3. Literacy remediation programme for the children in grade 4 to7
  4. Reading Writing enhancement programme.
  5. Active library programme for children in grade 1 to 7
  6. Graded Literacy tests for children (for teachers to administer)
  7. Extensive in-service Training programme for teachers
  8. Onsite support for the teachers in their classrooms.
  9. Short workshops for building awareness about early literacy.
Impact of Lipi
Lipi is being implemented under following projects