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What is Pustakgadi

In the last couple of years, QUEST’s Pustak Gadi became a familiar visual on the roads of Wada, Vikramgad and Mokhada blocks. In those remote places, people knew the name ‘QUEST’ because of the ‘library on wheels’! 

Pustakgadi is a Mobile Active Library programme for students of Ashram schools from grade 1 to 7 to give them exposure to children’s literature. A van with books, computer and LCD projector goes from school to school. Pustakgadi has 1000 titles of children’s books, with 5 copies of each book. The books are from different publications such as Jyotsna Prakashan, Mehta publishing House, Pratham Books, Tulika Prakashan, Eklavya Prakashan, National Book Trust, Children’s Book Trust, CLRM etc. These books are graded.  

Objectives of the programme:

  • To provide access to Children’s Literature to children in Ashram Schools
  • To conduct library activities by trained Library Educators
  • To encourage Teachers to expand their reading and help children engage with books 
  • To make multimedia accessible to children on a periodic basis
Salient Features of the Programme:
  • Access to 5000+ graded books
  • 40 graded Lesson Plans - Activity Plans
  • Focus on different genres of books (Fiction, non-fiction, information based, novels etc.) 
  • Rigorous testing tool for impact evaluation
  • Collection of 30 children’s movies


Pustakgadi Programme covers 10 Ashram schools from 4 blocks in Palghar district.

  Ashram School Taluka (Block)
1 Pali Wada
2 Gargao Wada
3 Sakoor Jawhar
4 Bhopoli Vikramgad
5 Kurunze Vikramgad
6 Sakhare Vikramgad
7 Kawale Wada
8 Guheer Wada
9 Palasunde Mokhada
10 Suryamal Mokhada


Supporter and Partners:

Pustakgadi project is supported and financed by Tribal Development Department, Jawhar; with implementation and technical support by QUEST.