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Why LiRIL?

There are significant gaps in our knowledge of how children become literate in Indian Language. We owe much of the knowledge we currently have about children’s literacy to international research of literacy development. However, most of this research has been conducted in languages such as English, which is written using an alphabetic script. Indian languages like Marathi are written using alphasyllabic scripts such as Devnagari. In addition, the contexts in which literacy is acquired and practiced are very different from those of western countries. Therefore, some of the findings of this research are not generalizable to Indian context.
Therefore, there is need for research conducted in Indian contexts if we are to comprehensively understand how children become literate in Indian languages. QUEST is participating in this research with the aim of understanding how children learn to read and write Marathi in greater depth, with the hope that the findings will enable us to alter and design instruction so that it is suited to individual children’s needs.