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Samjun – Umjoon Workshop (April 2-5, 2015)

A workshop called ‘समजून-उमजून’ was conducted by the QUEST team from April 2-5, 2015. Anyone interested in Elementary Education was invited to participate in it. Over 45 persons from various places in Maharasthra attended the workshop. Among them, there were Zilla Parishad school teachers, Active Teachers Forum members, new Balmitras from the QUEST team, teachers from institutions run by other NGOs as well as teachers from private Marathi & English medium schools.
Purpose of the Workshop
To understand the importance of theories and practices of pedagogy to go hand in hand

Workshop with Anganwadi teachers under 'Ankur'

On 13-14 March 2015, 40 Anganwadi teachers from Wada Taluka attended a workshop to learn various aspects of early childhood education. Resource Person Meena Nimkar conducted several group activities on teaching number concepts, small words, classification and origami.



'Active Library' workshop for KGBV teachers, Jalna, March 2015

A workshop on 'Active Library' was conducted for teachers of KGBV schools, Jalna district, on March 3-4, 2015. Active Library is an important component in the 'Saksham' program run by QUEST. The teachers learnt how to conduct reading activities to enhance literacy and reading habit among children. 11 teachers from Jalna district attended the workshop.

The resporce person was Meena Nimkar. She introduced the participants to various methods and activities that can be conducted with students. She gave guidelines on 'how to select a good book' for students.

Mr Nand Kumar's visit to QUEST

Principal Secretary of Maharashtra School Education Department, Mr. Nand Kumar, visited QUEST on March 4, 2015. Around 60 teachers and officers from Palghar taluka accompanied him. An exhibition of QUEST’s teaching aids and project activities was set up at the QUEST Resource Centre (Saraswati Sadhan Kendra). There were power-point presentations about various projects and a few educational videos made by QUEST were also screened. The QUEST team was happy that Mr Nand Kumar and the group of visitors spent the whole day on the campus to understand QUEST’s work. 





Pustak Gadi Program inaugurated on Feb 22, 2015

The Tribal Development Department of Maharashtra Government has launched a new project – “Pustakgadi” - in collaboration with QUEST.

Pustakgadi is a Mobile Active Library programme for students of Ashram schools.  The programme aims to broaden children’s horizons by providing them with not just books but also supporting activities. Pustakgadi is a van with books, a computer and projector, a screen to display children's movies, solar panel and inverters.

QUEST team visits Anand Niketan, Wardha

QUEST's Balbhavan team went for an exposure visit to Nayee Taleem, Anand Niketan, Wardha. The school was started by Mahatma Gandhi on the philosophy of Nayee Taleem (Learning while doing). Balmitras attended different sessions in the school. They met a teacher from Anand Niketan, Wardha who was also a student when the school was started by Mahatma Gandhi. Students from the school taught Balmitras how to spin Khadi using Peti Charkha.

Workshop for Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya

On January 5-6, 2015, the QUEST team conducted a workshop for the Online Math Course. The participants were teachers of KGBV, Jalna as well as some school teachers from Vasai and Uchat. The online math course (in Marathi) is intended to strengthen the teachers’ content knowledge. It contains several reading materials and assignments which they can access online, and a few contact sessions with subject experts.

Itku Pitku puppet show


 QUEST team recently conducted puppet shows at Ashram Schools in Gargao and Pali (Wada Taluka). The shows were based on a story from a children's book ‘Itku Pitku Akashvanivar’, about two mice who visit a radio station. Over 300 children from grade 1 to 7 enjoyed the show.

Shared Reading

Contrary to what is usually believed, even if children are able to decode, they may not be able to make meaning from the text. They need scaffolding and handholding of considerable duration from an early stage. This can be achieved effectively through shared reading where an adult reads a story book aloud along with the child. During shared reading, the adult asks the child to predict the storyline from the pictures. This prediction is referred to later in the light of how the story actually turns out.

What is Reading and Writing ?

Lipi defines ‘reading’ as a competence to make meaning from written language and ‘writing’ as a competence to express one's views, thoughts and feelings through print. The programme believes that the process of becoming literate is closely linked to a child’s developmental process and needs scaffolding from adults at a right time and in a right manner. Lipi tries to provide this scaffolding through its thoughtfully planned interventions.