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Project Officers

Project Officer - Nayana Yeole




Nayana Yeole

Nayana Yeole has been associated with QUEST since its inception.  After handling QUEST's project in Nandurbar (2009-2012) as Project Officer, Nayana has assumed a more over-arching role in the organization. She leads the Admin and Accounts teams and plays an active role in Human Resource management. She is QUEST's main point of contact for all funders and donors. She handles proposal development and budgeting for new projects. She also guides the various project officers in issues of grant management and funder relations. 

Project Officer - Archana Kulkarni



Archana Kulkarni

Archana is based in Pune, and oversees the 'Saksham’ Program. She conducts workshops and trainings on teaching Math. Live classroom sessions conducted by Archana have been filmed and are available as training films producted by QUEST. She has co-authored ‘Maze Pustak’.

Project Officer - Nitin Vishe




Nitin Vishe

A resident of Sonale, Nitin Vishe is responsible for generating community support for QUEST work. He oversees the Ankur Program (Anganwadi component), specially the coordination with the ICDS authorities. He also supervises accounts and construction activities of QUEST.