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Project Officers

Senior Manager, Programs and HR - Vaishali Wathare-Purohit


Vaishali manages the Anupad and Shikshak programs of QUEST. A relatively new entrant in the QUEST team, Vaishali joined in 2015 as a Project Officer, but was soon entrusted with two important program verticals. She liaises with funders, project collaborators as well as State functionaries for both these programs. Given her educational background in Human Resource Management, she is also looking after the HR systems and policies of QUEST.


Senior Manager, Operations and Fundraising - Nayana Yeole


Nayana Yeole has been associated with QUEST since its inception. She handles proposal development, oversees budgeting and donor management for all projects. Her special ability is meticulous documentation and follow-up of funder-related matters. She provides regular inputs to the project officers on grant management and funder relations. 

Senior Manager, Academics - Archana Kulkarni


Archana Kulkarni has worked in the field of math education for over 16 years. She has been associated with QUEST since its inception. She has co-authored ‘Maze Pustak’ and ‘Saksham Banu Ya’ series of books. For the educational videos produced by QUEST, Archana has conducted most of the live classroom sessions with students. Capacity building of the project teams to update their content knowledge is her major contribution. Her regular inputs ensure the creation of a professionally competent field team.

Senior Manager, Programs and Govt. Relations - Nitin Vishe


A resident of Sonale, Nitin Vishe has been with QUEST since its inception. He oversees the Palavee Program for Early Childhood Education. He also looks after Shikshan Samruddhi Kendra and Goshtarang – programs where new initiatives are piloted by QUEST. He is the backbone of the admin and accounts systems of QUEST. His special skill is liaising with various State functionaries to ensure smooth functioning of the projects, which is a crucial requirement for QUEST’s work with the system.